Abbott Health Insurance Society

Abbott Health Insurance Society

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Application forms

* Only Japanese version available

Insurance card and application-related forms

Adding a family member, or removing a family member

If you lose or damage your health insurance card

If the name has changed

If you wish to remain a member of the Health Insurance Society after you leave your employer

If you lose eligibility as a Voluntarily and Continuously Insured Person

When you are exempt from the long-term care insurance program

Benefit and claims-related forms

If you take time off from work due to sickness or injury

If you paid the entire medical care cost up front

If there is an unavoidable emergency transfer due to difficulty moving as a result of an sickness or injury


If you take time off from work for childbirth


When you incur high medical care costs

If you receive treatment for chronic nephritis that require artificial dialysis or haemophilia

Health activities-related forms

If the full amount of the health examination costs was paid upfront