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Abbott Health Insurance Society

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When you incur high medical care costs

The copayment for medical care costs you can be required to pay is capped. If your copayment calculated based on a certain standards exceeds this maximum, the excess amount will be paid as “High-Cost Medical Care Benefits”.

When you want to reduce the amount of medical care costs you pay at the medical care institution

Required documents: Request for issuance of Maximum Co-payment Certificate for Health Insurance
Applies to: Insured persons or dependents who expect to pay more than their Cost-Sharing Maximum Amounts for medical care costs incurred at the medical care institution over one month
Address inquiries to: Health Insurance Society
Notes: You can use this system for both inpatient and outpatient costs.

When you face high copayments for medical care or long-term care

Applies to: Insured persons paying copayments for both medical care and long-term care for all individuals in the same household, for whom the total copayment amount paid under both systems over a one-year period exceeds the maximum amount
Address inquiries to: Health Insurance Society
  • For calculation purposes, the one-year period above refers to the period August 1 to July 31 the following year.
  • For details on how to apply, etc., please inquire with the Health Insurance Society.