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"Cafeteria Plan" System

About the "cafeteria plan" system

The cafeteria plan is a system set up by the Health Insurance Society that enables you to freely choose necessary services from among various menu items.
Because the Health Insurance Society's "cafeteria plan" uses the Internet, you can access it using your home computer 24 hours a day.
Please note that the specific menu items are limited to business categories stipulated by ordinances of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Cafeteria points

Item Details
Eligible members Insured persons (employees)
Points 30,000 points per year (given in April)
* 2,500 points per month in the case of persons joining the company in the middle of the fiscal year
Valid period Two fiscal years starting when the points are given
Example) valid from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2025

Examples of cafeteria menu items

  • Health examinations
    • Health examinations (complete checkups, checkups to prevent lifestyle-related disease)
    • Mail examinations
    • Self Dock Club (home blood tests, health management system)
    • Self-sampling test kit
    • Sleep apnea checks, home screening test
  • Specialized checkups
    • Specialized checkups via MRI or CT
    • PET examination appointment service
  • Dental health management
  • Buying medicine
  • Health foods and foods for specified health uses
  • Supplements
  • Health support foods
  • Natural foods
  • Natural mineral water/mineral water
  • Health-related supplies
  • Other